turbo saw

Turbo Saw

Cut + Trim + Stump Grind


The Turbo Saw is a do everything attachment. The dual axis boom that can rotate 90 degrees as well as swing right and left at the push of a button. The high rpm cutting disc can cut standing trees, it can be rotated to trim limbs or chop logs and, when vertical, the multi-surface blade can be used to stump grind. The Turbo Saw even has an herbicide spray system to prevent re-growth.

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The Turbo Saw RS features a variety of safety features, including an integrated pushing guard allowing the operator to easily direct the fall of trees; in addition the Turbo Saw RS utilizes a heavy gauge metal debris shield optimizing visibility while further enhancing operator safety  

Multi Surface Cutting Disc

Utilizing the very latest in carbide technology, the Turbo Saw RS features an industry exclusive multi-surface cutting disc. When the saw head is in the horizontal position the disc produces a high efficiency cutting path, easily slicing through the densest material.  When the saw head is rotated to vertical, the disc makes use interior carbides to stump grind up to 24” below ground.

Dual Axis Cutting Head

The Turbo Saw RS features the first ever dual axis cutting head, allowing the cutting disc to be rotated from horizontal to vertical as well as swung from left to right with the push of a button. This advancement in cutting technology gives the operator supreme control of every aspect of the attachments movement, guaranteeing precision cutting performance in the most demanding applications.     

Herbicide Application Sprayer

The built in herbicide application system allows the operator to use herbicide on vegetation in areas where regrowth is a concern. At the push of a button the pump pulls the herbicide from a 5 gallon poly-reservoir located inside the attachment, out through a fully adjustable spray tip and onto the unwanted vegetation.

Plug-and-Play Hydraulics

Every Turbo Saw RS arrives ready to work utilizing a self-contained hydraulic circuit; allowing for direct plug and play to the carrier without any setup; additionally with the available attachment swap kits, the Turbo Saw RS can quickly and easily swapped between multiple carriers from different brands.  

Blade Speed Monitoring

The Turbo Saw RS comes equipped with a built in quick reference RPM gauge, allowing the operator to monitor blade speeds and maximize cutting efficiency.

Bearing Mounted Rotator

At the heart of the Turbo Saw RS is the DFM exclusive permanently sealed bearing rotator; Suspended on two industrial strength bearings is a high-alloy shaft capable of withstanding extreme lateral loading. This sealed bearing rotator was designed from the ground up to guarantee years of zero maintenance reliability.      

TS3 Carbide Cutting Tooth

The TS3 carbide tooth features mining grade carbide edges that are extremely resistant to abrasion and have exceptional impact strength; The TS3 was designed to be easy to maintain, with an average life of 500 hours of cutting, and easy to replace in-field with simple hand tools.



RS2600, RS3000, RS3400

Land Clearing
Limb Trimming
Stump Grinding
Cutting Width
Hydraulic Requirements
18-45 GPM
Attachment Weight


Number of Carbides


Tree Diameter
30″ +
(50″ stump grinding)
Electrical Connection Required
Herbicide Sprayer
Stump Height
24″ Below ground level

To find more information and specifications about the Turbo Saw, download the product brochure.