Turbo Mulcher

Mow + Mulch + Site Prep


The Turbo Mulcher has been designed from the ground up for forestry mowing. The Spiral Saw Drum can cut grass and weeds as well as produce fine mulch when cutting trees or logs. Ground contact is no problem if site prepping is desired and the carbide cutting teeth do not have to be sharpened in the field. Download Product Brochure

Hose Routing

By integrating the hose routing as close to the carriers tilt pivot as possible, the Turbo Mulchers keeps the exterior hoses tucked away safely behind the attachment. Providing maximum articulation with minimal hose length, and virtually eliminating hose wear. 

Better Quality Finish Material

With a minimal initial bite as well as secondary material reduction process made possible with exclusive Spiral-Saw Drum; The Turbo Mulcher produces better quality mulch that composts at a much faster rate.                                          

Trees, Brush, and Grass: A true 60” cutting width along 61 carbide cutting teeth gives the Turbo Mulcher the ability to easily mow a path through a variety of materials, its heavy duty deck forward frame allows operators to fell and mulch up to 5” trees without ever leaving the mowing position.

Grass and Brush

The Spiral Torque drum can cut grass and weeds and leave a finish similar to a brush mower. The operator can tackle any material out there without multiple attachments.

Safety by Design

The Turbo Mulcher features a patent pending Spiral-Saw drum that reaches peak efficiency at only 1,700 rpms; producing improved cutting and mulching speeds without increasing the drum RPM’s to unsafe levels.  By combining low operating RPM’s with a minimal tooth bite and rear safety curtains, the Turbo Mulcher achieves a staggering reduction in thrown debris compared to conventional mulching attachments. Allowing the Turbo Mulcher to be operated in areas traditional mulchers can’t.

Direct Drivetrain

The TM-60 features a bulletproof  direct drivetrain eliminating the need for belts and pulleys. The industrial grade steel framework is designed to provide exceptional strength. Operators can use the pushing bar to direct the fall of the tree and push bar has grab hooks to help move cut material. The skid shoes are easy to and economical to replace.

30% Larger Bearings

The main bearing is on the drivetrain is 30% larger than any other mulcher in this category. It is designed to withstand any axial or radial loads directed to the attachment and the housing is sealed to protect the bearing from the harsh operating environment.  Lubrication is the key to maximum bearing life so the grease line and zerk is routed to a convenient location.  A grease pressure valve maintains optimum lubrication at all times and prevents an operator from over greasing. The main bearing housing is machined from high strength billet steel.

Ease of Use

Featuring faster spool-up times and a forgiving torque curve The Turbo Mulcher ensures consistent mulching rates regardless of skill level, it further aids the operator with a standard quick reference RPM gauge.

Spiral-Saw Drum

The Turbo Mulcher's patent pending spiral-saw drum, incorporates DFM’s exclusive rapid recovery drum technology. Featuring 61 high impact carbide teeth, and a patent pending spiral design that laterally chews and splits material; the turbo mulcher uses the natural fiber fragmentation tendencies of wood to increase mulching speeds, while reducing carrier horsepower requirements by 63%.


Brush Mowing, Forestry Mulching, Site Preparation
Cutting Width
Hydraulic Requirements
High-flow 24-45 GPM
Attachment Weight
1,700 lbs
Number of Carbides
Tree Diameter
0-8″ continuous
8-20″ intermitted
Electrical Connection Required
Herbicide Sprayer
Stump Height
2″ Below Ground level

To find more information and specifications about the Turbo Mulcher, download the product brochure.