compact feller buncher

Compact Feller Buncher

Harvest + Carry + Accumulate


The Compact Feller Buncher takes timber harvesting efficiency to the next level, allowing for first thinning through final harvesting at a fraction of the cost of traditional felling heads. Thanks to an integrated hydraulic circuit the CFB can attach to any brand of large frame track loader blending the strength and proven productivity of ordinary drive-to-tree felling heads, with a compact weight saving design. This results in a felling head that reduces fuel consumption while at the same time improving maneuverability.

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Harvest an 11" Diamater Tree in a Single Cut

The CFB16 compact feller Buncher utilizes advanced hydraulics to quickly and efficiently harvest standing timber up to 11” in diameter in a single pass, slicing through trees at a cut rate of up to 10” per second.

Plug and Play

The CFB16 comes equipped with an industry leading electric over hydraulic operating circuit, by making use of this technology the holding and the accumulator functions can be operated independently via the in cab joystick buttons without any additional hydraulic lines required. 

Rugged Tower Design

The CFB16 employs a 8 foot tall tower with the holding arms located 4 foot from the butt plate, this distance produces exceptional leverage, optimizing operator control of cut material;  additionally the CFB16 features  an integrated viewing window to easily reference tree location  for cut positioning.

Blade Speed Monitoring

The CFB16 comes equipped with a built in quick reference RPM gauge, allowing the operator to monitor blade speeds and maximize cutting efficiency

Full Butt Plate Design

The CFB16 features a blade recessed butt plate design. Timber is automatically fed onto the butt plate during the cutting process, transferring loads directly to the CFB16’s purpose built frame; this prevents torsional loading of disc and drivetrain componentry, extending disc life and eliminating drivetrain fatigue.

Accumulator Function

An independently controlled accumulator arm and a 27” throat opening allow operators to harvest and carry multiple trees at one time.

Cutting Disc

The CFB16 features 40” cutting disc that comes equipped with 20 TS3 carbide cutting teeth. The TS3 tooth has been developed out of mining grade carbide allowing for ground contact. The tooth can be rotated three times and has up to 500 hours of tooth life. The operating cost is well below competing attachments at under $0.75 per hour, additionally the TS3 tooth can be rotated or replaced in the field using simple hand tools.

Maximum Articulation

With integrated hose routing running as close to the carriers tilt pivot as possible, the CFB16 Provides maximum articulation with minimal hose length; allowing the CFB16 to fully tilt forward in situations where downed tree retrieval  is required.




Timber Harvesting
First Thinning
Bio Mass
Cutting Width
27″ Throat opening
Hydraulic Requirements
High-flow 18-45 GPM
Attachment Weight
1,800 lbs
Number of Carbides


Tree Diameter
Up to 16″
(accumulate 7 trees 5″ in diameter)
Electrical Connection Required
Herbicide Sprayer
Stump Height
Ground level

To find more information and specifications about the Compact Feller Buncher, download the product brochure.